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At Trevors Perth metro and WA regional showrooms, we have a carpet colour, style and material for every residential and commercial application, with something for every taste and budget. Regardless of what you choose, each carpet from Trevors will add style and warmth to a room, while also reducing noise and improving air quality.

From deciding on a carpet manufacturer, to a carpet style and underlay that’s perfect for your premises, we’ve got you sorted with only the best at Trevors. Here’s a rundown of what you’ll find at our showrooms, where our experts will assist you in selecting a carpet to meet your needs and transform your space.

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Carpet Fibres

Carpet is the central piece of the interior decor of any room. When correctly chosen, it can enhance the function and enjoyment of that room. For this reason, many different types of carpet fibres exist, all with varying benefits. It is important to choose a carpet fibre that is best suited for your intended use. Do you need to carpet a busy, high traffic hallway? Or are you looking to spruce up a spare bedroom in the house, where biggest concern is colour fading? Perhaps you require carpet that would best suit a waiting room, where low allergy and ease of cleaning is high on the list of priorities. No matter what your situation, Trevors Carpets can help you determine the carpet fibre best suited for you and your budget.


Wool has long been a trusted, high quality carpet fibre. It has been used as a floor-covering since 3000BC.  This natural sheep’s wool is sourced from Australia and New Zealand, making this a sustainable fibre choice. The inherent crimp of the fibre helps wool hold its shape for increased durability. The naturally occurring air pockets provide insulation against the cold and against noise, resulting in a warm, soft carpet that creates a quieting effect. Wool is a premium carpet fibre and provides excellent all-round comfort and wear. Also available blended with synthetic fibres.  Wool blend carpets have increased wear properties compared to pure wool carpets and are desirable for commercial applications.

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Solution Dyed Nylon

Solution Dyed Nylon is the ultimate synthetic carpet fibre. Also referred to as SDN,  it offers some of the highest all-round quality available and is a more affordable option when compared to wool. Solution Dyed Nylon carpet fibres are extremely resilient and hard wearing, making them suitable for high traffic areas. It maintains its original shape and structure and offers superior resistance to soiling and staining. Solution Dyed Nylon has the dye or colour added before the yarn extrusion process, meaning it is exceptionally colorfast and is almost impervious to fading. It is also recognised as a hypoallergenic yarn and is recommended and suitable for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. If you are looking for a high quality, no fuss and low maintenance carpet option, then Solution Dyed Nylon has to be at the top of your list.

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Polyester is a synthetic material offering some of the best value for money. Polyester fibres are mainly made from recycled plastics and are an environmentally friendly option due to its recycled content. With the most comprehensive colour range available, this fibre is colourfast and stain resistant. Best suited to medium to low traffic areas, this is a versatile and easy to maintain carpet.

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Polypropylene is a synthetic material recognised for its stain and fade resistance. As with all synthetic fibres, this is a non-allergenic choice that suits anyone concerned about allergies or asthma. This is an easy to clean carpet fibre, available in a wide range of colours to match nearly any setting. Commonly available in low loop styles, this carpet fibre is durable and well suited to both domestic and commercial applications. It is also one of the most affordable carpet fibres available.

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Triexta is a recent advancement in carpet fibres. Developed by DUPONT and containing their Sorona polymer,this is a synthetic fibre that offers some of the highest all-round quality available. Triexta carpets offer the durability and stain resistance found in synthetic fibres, combined with the soft luxurious feeling available from natural wool fibres. At a competitive price point, Triexta is an excellent choice for nearly any environment.

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Carpet Styles

Twist Pile

With a distinct textured appearance from the tightly twisted fibres, Twist Pile Carpets are stylish, highly durable and easy to maintain. Perfect for busy family homes.

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Loop Pile

Loop Pile Carpets are hard-wearing and stylish. Loop Pile Carpets are ideal for any high traffic areas. Available in a variety of patterns, such as Level Loop, Multi-Level Loop and Sisal style, there’s a design to suit every taste. The possibilities are endless for domestic and commercial applications

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Plush Pile

Comprised of upright, short and slightly twisted yarn that can tilt in any direction, luxurious Plush Pile Carpets are one of the softest carpet fabrics on the market. With a velvety feel that is perfect for bedrooms or lounge rooms, texture and depth is created from the strands reflecting the light. Ideal for low-to-medium traffic areas.

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Cut & Loop Pile

A combination of straight, cut and looped yarn, this style comes in variety of distinctive lineal patterns. From swirls to square ‘carvings’, Cut & Loop Pile Carpets gives the room a more traditional look.


Cavalier Bremworth

Cavalier Bremworth has a 50-year heritage of producing the finest quality carpets made from 100% pure New Zealand wool. It is this heritage and our continued focus on innovation that has seen our unique woollen carpets in discerning homes across the world.

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With over 80 years in the carpet manufacturing business, Feltex know their carpets, and how to manufacture them sustainably. Luxurious wool blend and wool carpets are their specialty, with cutting-edge designs and colour palettes inspired by the most recent fashion houses.

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Established in Australia 1963, EC knows the value of design, creativity and colour when it comes to carpets. A renowned carpet manufacturer both nationally and internationally, EC views each of their carpets as a vehicle for giving a room a ‘makeover’. With a range including pure wool, solution dyed nylon and polypropylene, EC has a carpet for every purpose, style and budget.

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Born in 1978, Quest’s Melbourne-manufactured brand provides quality wool, solution-dyed nylon and solution-dyed polypropylene carpets, with something to suit every installation and budget. Distributed across Australia and New Zealand, Quest continues to move with the times with carpeting trends and technology.

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Victoria Carpets

With over 120 years in the industry, this Dandegong and Bendigo-based manufacturer prides itself on eco-friendly practises and innovative carpeting – from the technology used to the production process. Initially a wool house, Victoria Carpets has evolved into a modern carpet manufacturer with a large range of in-vogue tufted carpets, including quality budget-friendly options. With sophisticated designs and design integrity, Victoria Carpets is the brand selected by many prominent Australia and New Zealand-based architects and designers.

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Godfrey Hirst

With manufacturing operating in Australia, New Zealand and North America, Godfrey Hurst is the predominant carpet supplier in Australasia. A wide variety of modular carpet tiles and broadloom carpets – available in nylon, triexta and wool – make up the Godfrey Hirst range.

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Classic Flooring

Modular carpets and broadloom carpets comprise the Classic Flooring Range. With sophisticated, timeless options for both residential and commercial premises, Classic Flooring has accrued an impressive list of clients for their projects, including the Shangri-La Hotel.

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Carpet Underlays

We mainly use foam underlays at Trevors, but rubber underlay is also available. Bridgestone Airstep is our primary supplier as it is a local manufacturer, however we also use Dunlop products. Whatever carpet you choose at Trevors, you can be assured that it’s Aussie-made and backed with a long warrantee. With over 30 years in the industry, we are now the largest flooring supplier in WA…and with that come competitive prices, exceptional knowledge and service, and carpets that never compromise on quality.

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Looking after Carpet

Your floor will provide years of enjoyment and enhancement to your home, but as with all flooring products some simple maintenance and care should be taken to preserve its beauty over time. Check out our carpet care guide document below.


Spoilt for Choice

That’s a lot of choice and our expert flooring consultants would love to help you choose what’s right for you. Remember, all our timber flooring alternatives are suitable for any home or office application. It makes day-to-day living and cleaning stress-free and easily elevates the look and feel of any home or office.

We have stores throughout the Perth metropolitan, located in Osborne Park, Canning ValeJoondalup, Willetton and Midland, and a further 4 regional stores in AlbanyBunburyBusselton and Bridgetown, Trevors Carpets has Western Australia covered.

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