Carpet Brands

Feltex Carpets

Trevors Carpets stock a wide range of Feltex Carpets, offering great style, innovative design, integrity and of course luxury. Having been in the carpet manufacturing industry for 80+ years, Feltex assures long lasting, quality material, with a focus on being environmentally friendly.

Feltex Carpet Colours

Prominent fashion houses have been the source of inspiration for Feltex’s colour palettes, ranging from warm and welcoming hues, to cooler tones for a more laid-back feel. Bright or boldly coloured Feltex carpets can help to make a statement or add a touch of fun, whereas neutral and natural colour palettes create a more contemporary, sophisticated style.

Feltex Patterns

Available in cut pile and loop pile patterns, there’s a Feltex carpet that meets every personal preference and requirement – be it a smooth and stylish loop pile pattern for a more formal space with low-to-medium foot traffic, or a heavy-duty twist pile for the busy family home.

In addition to their practical purposes, Feltex carpet patterns add character to a room, contributing to the desired theme or mood.

Feltex Quality

Woven with the highest quality wool and wool blends, Feltex carpets will warm up the room while continually feeling soft underfoot and appearing good as new, even with long-term wear.

Having undergone independent Quality Assurance tests for wear and functionality by the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS), with Feltex carpets you’ll find the most durable carpet possible for your required application.

The Feltex Guarantee

Feltex value their customers and the quality of their product, and so each carpet in the range comes with it’s own extensive warranty. This might include wear and fade-resistance, production flaws and insect deterrence.

Eco-Friendly Practises

Aware of the impact of their environmental footprint, Feltex have put their own Environmental Management System (EMS) into practise, while adhering to the environmental codes of practice for carpet manufacturing – established by the Carpet Institute of Australia (CIA) and Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). Indoor air quality standards for low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), as established by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), are also met.

Quest Carpets

Quest Carpets aim to be the leader in quality manufacturing and material. Proudly made in Victoria, Australia, New Zealand Wool, Solution Dyed Nylon, and Polypropylene carpets make up their range.

New Zealand Wool

New Zealand’s harsh climate results in yarn that’s in a league of its own. Directly sourced and combined with Quest’s progressive agricultural and manufacturing methods, the result is a premium wool carpet that’s also a renewable resource.

A renewable resource, the wool is highly durable thanks to the spun, crimped fibre that gives it shape. Incredibly soft underfoot, the wool’s air pockets insulate against noise and cold, making them a more premium carpeting option.

At Trevors, our wool carpets are also fire-rated, meaning they will not easily burn or ignite upon exposure to heat or flame.

Solution Dyed Nylon

The most popular carpet fibre on the market, Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN) is budget-friendly, and the most resilient synthetic yarn on the market. Quest source their SDN from a leading European manufacturer, the result being a carpet which is soft underfoot and extremely durable.

Ideal for stairs, hallways, lounges and other high traffic areas, SDN is also non-allergenic, so is a good choice for individuals with asthma or other allergies. Colourfast, SDN is dyed prior to extrusion and will not get washed out – even when exposed to sunlight and harsher cleaning chemicals.

Easy to clean and soil and stain resistant, this is clearly the family-and-pet-friendly carpet! The majority are also fire rated and havie a high warranty structure, with lifetime anti-static warranties. With a mid to high price point, there is an option to suit a range of budgets.


Also known as olefin or solution-dyed Olefin, polypropylene is the most affordable carpet on the market. A solution-dyed synthetic fibre with excellent colourfast qualities and stain-resistance, it is generally used for loop style carpets in low traffic residential areas, and for rentals.

Godfrey Hirst

Established in 1865, Godfrey Hirst is now recognised as one of the top 19 carpet manufacturers in the world. With production taking place in Australia, New Zealand and North America, Godfrey Hirst is also Australasia’s primary carpet supplier.

Modular carpet tiles and broadloom carpets in nylon, triexta or wool comprise the Godfrey Hirst range. Here smaller, high-end labels, offer the best in quality, durability, sun protection, and comfort, with something special to suit every personal preference.


The ‘next generation carpet’, Godfrey Hirst’s eco+ is next-level in terms of softness, stain and soil-resistance, and colourfast performance – and with lifetime and 25-year guarantees. Environmentally sustainable, natural corn sugar-derived Sorona® is the cutting-edge, star material.


Pure wool and wool-rich fibres comprise this highly durable range. With a timeless style and both warming and cooling properties, the Hycraft carpet will provide ultimate comfort all year round, and for years to come.


The carpet you’ll want to live on barefoot, Godfrey Hirst’s Luxury range provides the ultimate level of softness and resilience. A low Denier per Filament (DPF) is what provides these attributes, providing a greater density of filaments per fibre than other carpets on the market.

Luxury Premium

Here the low DPF is combined with a dense design that’s incredibly soft underfoot, and with rich, long-lasting colour that adds character and warmth to a room.