Cavalier Bremworth

Wool, nature’s miracle fibre

Cavalier Bremworth has a 50-year heritage of producing the finest quality carpets made from 100% pure New Zealand wool. It is this heritage and our continued focus on innovation that has seen our unique woollen carpets in discerning homes across the world.

Why should you choose wool carpet for your home?

Wool is a superior fibre with a whole host of benefits that quietly work away to enhance your home:

  • Natural/sustainable/renewable – sheep grow a new fleece every year.
    • Wool is not just our future but a good option for the planet’s future.
    • NZ is renowned for its clean white wool
  • Warmer/cooler/dryer – wool is thermally smart and a temperature stabiliser
    • Warmer – proven to be warmer in colder temperatures
    • Cooler – proven to be cooler in hotter temperatures
    • Dryer – wool carpet acts as a natural dehumidifier absorbing and releasing moisture to stabilise temperatures.
  • Non-allergenic – wool carpet naturally absorbs and filters toxins and odours that can cause irritation
  • Soft to touch and walk on
  • Naturally resilient – Wool fibre has a unique spiral crimp which naturally springs back into shape year after year
  • Easy to clean – wool fibre has a protective membrane which acts as a natural stain resistant
  • Naturally fire resistant – slow to burn making it a very safe choice on your floor
  • Proven quality fibre

Plus, we’ve recently extended our warranties for Cavalier Bremworth wool carpets to include a six-point package, including 15-year abrasive wear and lifetime fire resistance limited warranties, among others.


For 50 years Cavalier Bremworth has proudly produced the finest quality wool carpets and now rugs. The premium New Zealand carpet manufacturer employs a strong local workforce of over 450 people across Australia and New Zealand.

With a passion to create inspiring, beautiful interiors, each range is uniquely designed and made in New Zealand from 100% pure New Zealand wool.

From the timeless luxury of wool to the cutting-edge innovation of synthetics, our carpets are designed to enhance any home or environment. Never satisfied with ‘good enough’, we always push for ‘exceptional’ and we’re leading the way again with our stunning solution-dyed nylon carpet, Siren®, made from a 100% regenerated ECONYL® fibre made entirely from recycled synthetics.

For the fifth year running, we’ve been voted by New Zealand as the country’s most trusted carpet brand in the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands survey.

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