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Established in 1963 in Edwardstown, South Australia, EC Carpets never underestimates the value of design. A distinguished carpet manufacturer in Australia and overseas, they view carpets as the ultimate trans-formative tool for a space.

A brand used by designers and architects, and also popular with homeowners, EC Carpets has an innovative carpeting solution for every requirement, personal preference and budget; customers can choose from pure wool, solution dyed nylon or polypropylene.

Pure Wool

EC Carpets has a broad range of 100% premium New Zealand wool carpets. With versatile applications, their pure wool carpets come with long-standing warranties for residential and commercial properties.

New Zealand’s harsh climate yields only the sturdiest, softest wool, and so the brand’s pure wool carpets look and feel soft and luxurious. Their high-end wool carpet designs include the Great Sandy range for understated elegance, and the statement-making black and white Chevron.

We only stock fire-rated wool carpets at Trevor’s, and so EC wool carpets provide a safe flooring solution for every property.

Solution Dyed Nylon

The most commonly used carpet material, Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN) is affordable, non-allergenic, and the most hardwearing synthetic yarn on the market.

From stairs and hallways to lounge rooms and lobbies, most SDN carpets in the EC range withstand high foot traffic – perfect for applications including libraries, hotels and convention centres, and the busy family home…paw-friendly too!

Dyed before extrusion, colourfast SDN is anti-fade, even upon exposure to sunlight and harsh cleaning chemicals. It’s also soil and stain resistant, repelling oil and water-based spills. A low maintenance material, SDN carpets are quick and easy to clean.

With lifetime anti-static warranties and long-term residential wear warranties, you can rely on the EC SDN carpets to stand the test of time, even in the busiest of spaces.


Also referred to as olefin or solution-dyed Olefin, practical polypropylene is the most budget-friendly carpet available. A solution-dyed synthetic fibre, polypropylene is colourfast, stain-resistant, and typically used for residential applications, as well as rental properties.

Although this is the no-fuss carpet for the busy family home, EC Carpets provide contemporary polypropylene carpets, never compromising on style.

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