Carpet Underlay

While having a good quality carpet is important, it won’t last long if there isn’t a good underlay to support it. Trevors Carpets have a variety of carpet underlays, all designed and professionally installed to maximise the comfort and lifespan of your carpet.

The main types of carpet underlay include:

Felt Underlay

A felt underlay will mostly be found in older homes. It was a very common choice of underlay in years past, but has now largely been replaced by higher quality options. A felt underlay is similar to felt you may have seen in other areas. It is a blend of a variety of fibres such as wool, jute and various waste textiles.

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Rubber Underlay

A rubber underlay is the preference of many professionals because of the benefits it gives to both your floor and your feet. By nature, rubber is very long-lasting and so can greatly increase the lifespan of your carpet. It also adds to the feel of your carpet, feeling soft and touchable under your feet. While rubber is a more expensive option than some of its counterparts, like felt, it will be well worth it. As well as the additional life you will get out of your carpet, you’ll save on heating bills in winter as you benefit from its great insulation.

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Foam Underlay

Foam is the most common choice of carpet underlay for newer homes. It offers a quality underlay, without being a very expensive option. Foam is available in several different quality and thickness levels, meaning people can select foam underlay that suits their budget while taking care of their carpet. Foam also represents an environmentally conscience choice as it is made from recycled waste products.

Latex Underlay

A latex underlay is a plastic sheet coated with latex foam. Like the other underlays, a latex underlay works to make your carpet softer and more luxurious, while also elongating the lifespan of the carpet. What attracts many customers to the latex underlay is the value for money. It represents an affordable option for many carpet owners while still offering substantial benefits.

While some may speculate over the effectiveness of underlay, the fact of the matter is that it really does affect the look, feel and texture of a carpet as well as adding anywhere to 30-50% to the lifespan of the carpet. Choosing the right carpet underlay is essential for comfort, reducing noise transmission, regulating room temperature and reducing carpet wear.