Carpet Fibres

A carpet is an important part of any room. When correctly chosen, it can enhance the function and enjoyment of that room. For this reason, many different types of carpet fibres exist, all with varying strong points. It is important to choose a carpet fibre that is best suited for your intended use.  Do you need to carpet a busy, high traffic hallway? Or are you looking to spruce up a spare bedroom in the house, where biggest concern is colour fading? Perhaps you are in need of carpet that would best suit a waiting room, where cleanliness is high on the list of priorities. No matter what your situation, Trevors carpets can help you determine the carpet fibre best suited for you and your budget.

Wool Fibre

Wool has long been a trusted carpet fibre. This natural material comes from Australian and New Zealand sheep’s wool, making this a sustainable fibre choice. The inherent crimp of the fibre helps wool hold its shape for increased durability. The naturally occurring air pockets provide insulation against the cold and against noise, creating a warm soft carpet that creates a quieting effect. Wool is a premium carpet fibre, and provides excellent all-around comfort and wear. Also available blended with synthetic fibres, a wool blend carpet has increased wear compared to pure wool carpets.

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Nylon Fibre

Nylon is a synthetic carpet fibre offering some of the highest all around quality available, and is a more affordable option when compared to wool. Nylon carpet fibres are extremely resilient and hard wearing, making them suitable to high traffic areas as they hold their shape well. They offer excellent resistance to soils and stain, and hold their colour well, especially if looking at solution dyed nylon carpet fibres. Nylon carpets are well suited to high traffic areas and are ideal for any consumer looking for a long-lasting carpet.

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Polyester Fibre

Polyester is a synthetic material offering some of the best value for money. Polyester fibres are made from recycled plastics and are an environmentally friendly option. In addition to being one of the most colourable fibres available, this fibre is colourfast and stain resistant, valued for its ability to keep looking like new years after installation. Best suited to low traffic areas, this carpet fibre is ideal in guestrooms or light traffic waiting rooms.

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Polypropylene Fibre

Polypropylene is a synthetic material recognised for its stain and fade resistance. As with all synthetic fibres, this is a non-allergenic choice that suits anyone concerned about allergies or asthma. This is an easy to clean carpet fibre, available in a wide range of colours to match nearly any setting. Commonly available in low loop styles, this carpet fibre is durable and well suited to low traffic areas.

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Triexta Fibre

Triexta is a recent advancement in carpet fibres. This is a synthetic fibre that is offering some of the highest all around quality available. Triexta carpets offer the durability and stain resistance found in synthetic fibres, combined with the soft luxurious feeling available from natural wool fibres. At a competitive price point, triexta is an excellent choice for nearly any environment.

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