Nylon Carpets

Nylon carpets are a popular, affordable choice when seeking durability and longevity. One of the best performing synthetic carpets available, a nylon carpet is sure to meet your needs.

Nylon – The Fibre

Nylon is a synthetic material and has been used to make high quality carpets for many years. Synthetic fibres start as pellets which are then melted into long thin filaments. These filaments undergo a process called extrusion, where they are converted into various lengths as needed. The fibre is then dyed, meaning the colour sits on the outside of the fibre. Stain treatments are commonly applied to nylon carpets, and would be the next step during manufacturing. Nylon carpets are available in many colours and offer good stain resistance.

Why Choose A Nylon Carpet?

Nylon carpets offer excellent resilience and are hard wearing. The good memory of the fibres makes a nylon carpet stand strong and tall, like new, over many years, resistant to matting and flattening. They are also highly resistant to soiling and stains. These factors make nylon carpets well suited to high traffic areas which may be subject to unexpected spills and stains. Nylon carpets are also non-allergenic, composed of synthetic fibres, and are an excellent choice for those with allergies or asthma.

A premium upgrade to a traditional nylon carpet is the solution-dyed nylon (SDN). These fibres are constructed differently during the manufacturing process. While normal nylon fibres are colour dyed after extrusion, the SDN fibres are dyed before undergoing extrusion. This makes the colour an inherent part of the fibre, leading to a colourfast carpet. SDN carpets are also stronger at resisting fade from sunlight and chemical treatments. Offering a fire rating, they are a good choice when looking for long lasting and safe options. These nylon carpets are at a higher price point, but given their excellent durability and wear for high traffic and commercial locations, are a good return for investment.

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