Polypropylene Carpets

Polypropylene carpets are an inexpensive option for those on a budget. Offering superior stain and fade resistance, a polypropylene carpet is an economical choice for low traffic areas in homes and commercial settings.

Polypropylene – The Fibre

Also known as olefin, polypropylene carpets are a synthetic fibre carpet that is quite easily made by manufacturers, resulting in an inexpensive product for consumers. While it has a lower resiliency rating, it is commonly produced in low loop style carpets, minimizing signs of wear. Colour is added during the extrusion process, when the fibres are in liquid form, making the colour an integral part of the fibre. This creates a fibre that is colourfast and will look like new for years.

Why Choose A Polypropylene Carpet?

Polypropylene carpets offer excellent fade and stain resistance, thanks to the nature in which the fibres are extruded. They are also easy to clean, making them a good choice in any environment where the carpets may be subjected to unexpected spills and accidents. As mentioned earlier, the fibres offer low resilience. This means that they are more easily crushed, and a polypropylene carpet may flatten and develop a matted appearance sooner than other synthetic carpets. This should not put you off polypropylene carpets, but it should guide your decision as to which style of carpet to install. By choosing a low loop construction you will decrease the visible signs of flattening to which polypropylene carpets are susceptible. This makes a polypropylene carpet a good economical choice even in family lounge rooms – large areas of mostly stationary furniture and minimal foot traffic, this is a room where stain resistance and ease of cleaning are higher on the list of priorities. At this low price point, a polypropylene carpet is a great option for families on a budget who still want a great looking quality product.

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