Triexta Carpets

Triexta carpets are an excellent option for those seeking a durable long lasting synthetic carpet with the soft luxurious feel of natural wool. A recent advancement in the world of carpet fibres, triexta carpets are proving to be some of the highest quality carpets now available.

Triexta – The Fibre

Triexta is a synthetic polymer partially derived in large part from corn sugar (instead of petroleum), making this an environmentally friendly option when making your carpet selection. Similar in composition to polyester, triexta was originally defined as a polyester product. However, the manufacturer has since successfully fought to have triexta classified as a separate unique material from polyester, due to the significant differences in the final product. You may see triexta referred to as PTT – an abbreviation of its technical chemical composition.

Why Choose A Triexta Carpet?

Triexta is recognised as being one of the most durable and resilient carpet fibres available, far surpassing polyester and arguably offering the same quality as nylon. Being a hydrophobic fibre, triexta is naturally stain resistant and is able to be cleaned with just cold water – a very desirable characteristic, as you will no longer need to rush for the spot cleaners with specific protocols for stain removal. This stain resistance is so high that triexta is currently the only carpet fibre to have a claim for pet stains, making this a great choice for pet friendly areas.  Further, triexta is colourfast and offers excellent fade resistance. Triexta also performs well for comfort and texture – this is a material that is softer than any other current synthetic offering, making this an excellent choice for the home and bare feet.

Triexta carpets offer the durability and stain resistance found in synthetic fibres, combined with the soft luxurious feeling available from natural wool. At a competitive price point, triexta is an excellent choice for nearly any environment.

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