Wool Carpets

Wool is a well-known carpet fibre that creates a soft and luxurious feeling carpet. Offering premium quality, wool carpets continue to be a popular choice.

Wool – The Fibre

Our wool carpets are made from Australian or New Zealand sheep’s wool. This natural fibre is a spun or staple fibre, meaning it is composed of short lengths blended together to form longer strands, as opposed to a continuous fleece type fibre. Wool fibres are inherently crimped, a form which helps wool to keep its shape. Naturally occurring air pockets in the fibre provide insulation not found in synthetic materials. This results in a warmer and quieter carpet, protecting against heat loss and reducing noise. Wool is a renewable resource, making a wool carpet an environmentally conscious choice.

Why Choose A Wool Carpet?

Wool carpets are highly resilient and durable, making them a long-lasting carpet choice. They are soil and stain resistant, which translates to low maintenance for your household. Quiet, warm, and extremely soft on feet, a wool carpet is a premium choice. Wool is innately fire retardant, a characteristic that gives wool carpets a fire rating, adding a level of safety to your home.

Due to the spun fibre nature of wool, wool carpets are susceptible to shedding or pilling, which over time in high traffic areas could result in thinned or bare patches on your floor. For this reason, wool blends have become an increasing popular choice. Wool blends are commonly 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibres. The addition of a synthetic fibre helps to decrease the shedding that can occur in 100% wool carpets. This results in a carpet with increased durability and wear, while still maintaining the soft warm feel that is characteristic of wool. This is a lovely choice when wool carpet is desired in commercial or high traffic areas, or you are seeking a carpet that will last for decades.

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