Carpet Styles

At Trevors Carpets, we are proud suppliers and distributors of a variety of quality carpet styles, from plush, to loop pile, and even twist pile carpets. The style you select will depend on where your carpet is going to be laid, the expected level of foot traffic, and of course, personal preference.

Cut & Loop Pile Carpets

A traditional blend of straight, cut and looped fibre yarn, Cut & Loop Pile carpets are available in a wide range of distinctive lineal patterns – from swirls to square ‘carvings’.

Note that this is an ‘adults only’ carpet, as the loops are snag-prone, being unsuitable for children and pets. A more durable cut and loop carpet will contain smaller loops, which remain upright and looking good as new in spite of foot traffic (larger loops tend to flatten with foot traffic).

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Loop Pile Carpets


A chic style that’s designed for the bedroom and lounge room, Loop Pile carpets are soft and smooth underfoot. The wide variety of patterns means there’s a design for every personal taste, with popular choices including ‘Level Loop’ for a clean and simple aesthetic, and with a functionality best suited to commercial applications – from office spaces to hotel rooms.

For residential purposes, a ‘Multi Level Loop’ carpet adds a touch of character to a room, with varying loop sizes forming distinct patterns, and creating the appearance of texture and depth upon reflecting the light. However, like Cut & Loop Pile carpets, more delicate Loop Pile carpets can unravel, and so are not a family-friendly option.

Select a Loop Pile Carpet for a suitable application and it will prove to be highly durable.

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Plush Pile Carpets

The residential ‘luxury carpet’, Plush Pile carpets are made with vertical, short and slightly twisted yarn, which can slant in any direction. The carpet strands reflect the light, creating the appearance of texture and depth. With a velvet-like feel underfoot, it would be hard to find another carpet style as soft as a Plush Pile.


Ideal for bedrooms and lounge rooms, Plush Pile carpets provide ultimate comfort from the feet up. Best suited to residential areas with low-to-medium foot traffic, as fraying is more likely with a high level of foot traffic.

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Twist Pile Carpets

Here a unique textured look is created with tightly twisted fibres, a tasteful style which is also hardwearing and low maintenance (due to the loops being cut). Ideal for the busy family home, Twist Pile carpets will remain in top condition even with ongoing foot traffic from kids and pets…no snags!

So be it for a commercial or residential space, we have a carpet style for every requirement, budget and taste at Trevors. Come see for yourself at one of our showrooms!

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