Cut and Loop Piles

A Cut and Loop style of carpet is one that is made by combining looped fibres with straight, or cut ones. The end-result is an abstract or geometrical pattern that adds character to the room. Pleasing aesthetics and tactile texture are the biggest advantage of this style, which works best in areas with lower foot traffic.

Cut & Loop Carpet Patterns

In terms of design, Cut and Loop carpets have come a long way. There has been a move away from ‘carved’ patterns of the 70s and 80s, with geometric patterns being the go-to look for Cut and Loop carpets today: small linear pin dot, diamond or square patterns are popular contemporary choices, as are more abstract, wave-like designs.

For a more traditional look, sculpted Cut and Loop carpet patterns with a contemporary influence are an available option.

What are the Benefits of Cut and Loop Carpets?

  • Visual appeal: The pattern and colours selected for a Cut and Loop carpet can transform a space, creating or enhancing the room’s theme.
  • Tactile texture: Contemporary carpet trends are all about texture, so it’s no wonder Cut and Loop carpets continue to be in vogue.
  • High durability: Provided Cut and Loop Carpets are placed in a suitable setting, they can stand the test of time.

Where are Cut and Loop Carpets Most Suitable?               

A Cut and Loop carpet is most suitable for a space that is child-free, pet-free, and with a lower level of foot traffic – such as a home office or adult bedroom. This is because the loops are prone to snagging…this doesn’t mean that Cut and Loop carpets are poor quality; it simply means they need to be treated right.

A highly durable Cut and Loop carpet will have smaller loops, which remain upright and in top condition, in spite of foot traffic (larger loops tend to get flattened with use).

For low traffic, more formal residential rooms, Cut and Loop carpets make an ideal choice, providing enduring style and comfort. Come see our sophisticated range of Cut and Loop styles at Trevors showrooms…we have something for everyone!