Loop Pile Carpets

A Loop Pile carpet is one that has been woven and then left as it is. It can come in a variety of styles: Level Loop, Textured Loop, and Multi-Level Loop. Perfect for low-to-moderate foot traffic, this style of carpet adds a stylish look while feeling smooth underfoot.

Loop Pile Patterns

There’s a Loop Pile pattern for every taste, as described by the individual style names:

  • Level Loop: A neat, simplistic style where each loop is the same height as the next. The woven loops in this style can be small to large, however small loops are more resilient.
  • Textured Loop: Slight differences in loop height provide a subtle patterned aesthetic, which is brought out even further upon reflecting the light.
  • Multi-Level Loop: Although woven in the same way as Textured Loop carpets, Multi-Level Loop carpets are somewhat different in that they have larger variations in loop size; this yields bolder, more attention-grabbing patterns than Textured Loop carpets.

What are the Benefits of Loop Pile Carpets?

  • Practicality: Quiet commercial spaces and some residential rooms require a more sensible, no-fuss carpet style, and Level Loop Pile carpets provide this.
  • Visual Appeal: From the minimalistic look created by Level Loop carpets, to the character created by Textured and Multi-Level Loop carpets, this style can help create the desired ambience for a particular room, be it professional, contemporary, or homely.
  • Durability: If placed in the appropriate setting, Loop Pile carpets – particularly those with smaller loops – will prove to wear particularly well over time. Compared to larger loops that can begin to appear entangled soon after installation, small loops remain standing straight and in tip-top shape regardless of foot traffic.

Where are Loop Pile Carpets Most Suitable?

In terms of aesthetics and functionality, Level Loop carpets work well in commercial spaces with moderately heavy foot traffic – such as an office or reception area. There’ll be no sign of footprints left behind.

Like Cut and Loop carpets, Textured and Multi-Level Loop Pile Carpets are best suited to areas with low foot traffic, as well as child-and-pet-free spaces. Snags are unlikely if Loop Pile carpets are placed in a quiet residential space, such as an office or adult bedroom. This isn’t to say that Loop Pile carpets are poor quality; it simply means they need to be used for a suitable application.

From the practical Level Loop, to the more decorative, yet durable Textured Loop and Multi-Loop, there’s a Loop Pile Carpet for a range purposes. Head to a Trevors showroom and we’ll help you find a Loop Pile Carpet that’s made for your space.