Plush Pile Carpets

Also known as the ‘velvet’ or ‘velour carpet’, Plush Pile is the luxury residential carpet for formal rooms with lower foot traffic.

Plush Pile Carpet Design

Comprised of vertical, short and slightly twisted yarn that tilts in every direction, this design feels like velvet underfoot. Texture and depth are created from the yarn strands reflecting the light, resulting in a lush look.

What are the Benefits of Plush Pile Carpets?

  • Aesthetic appeal: A Plush Pile carpet will immediately turn a casual residential space into a more formal or sophisticated one.
  • Luxury feel: One of the softest carpets on the market, Plush Pile is a carpet you’ll want to walk on barefoot!
  • Snag-free: Due to the absence of loops, Plush Pile carpets won’t snag and so are more child and pet-friendly (although Twist Pile carpets are the most ideal option for children and pets).

Where are Plush Pile Carpets Most Suitable?

Due to its velvet-like texture, Plush Pile is more suited to low-to-medium traffic residential areas, so to prevent both fraying over time, and tracking marks from footprints and regular vacuuming.

The soft look and feel of Plush Pile is ideal for quiet homely spaces that only require the occasional vacuum – like the bedroom and lounge room, providing comfort, cosiness and sophistication.

Plush Pile is the perfect carpet for a more formal living space, and one that doesn’t compromise on comfort. Get a sense of how this soft and luxurious design could enhance your living space at one of our showrooms.