Twist Pile Carpets

Twist pile carpets are so named because of the number of times the yarn is twisted, sometimes also known as frieze. This design yields a contemporary, but casual look, and a heavy-duty, family-friendly residential carpet.

Twist Pile Carpet Design

Twist Pile carpets are created with strong, tightly twisted fibres that lie at varying angles. The result is a refined style that feels luxurious underfoot, and which is highly resilient and low maintenance due to the cut loops.

What are the Benefits of Twist Pile Carpets?

  • Hardwearing: The highly twisted, cut fibres yield a highly durable, snag-free carpet that maintains its finish; this means a long-lived carpet that looks like new.
  • Comfort: While some sturdy carpets can feel like sandpaper underfoot, Twist Pile Carpets are surprisingly soft and smooth underfoot.
  • Style: The textured look of Twist Pile carpets immediately adds sophistication to a space.
  • Low Maintenance: Easy to vacuum, and spills respond well to a damp cloth.

Where are Twist Pile Carpets Most Suitable?

Anywhere in the busy family home. Higher traffic areas like hallways, stairs and the playroom are well suited to Twist Pile carpets, as they won’t snag or show tracking marks from footprints, paw prints or vacuuming.

With a uniquely textured style, Twist Pile carpets are sturdy and soft, providing a practical and comfortable solution for every home – and not excluding those with a high level of foot traffic.