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Why you should consider Moduleo

Wondering why we’re such a cheerleader for Moduleo? Well, where to begin?

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Maintenance for Timber Floors

Timber floors are the dream of many home builders and renovators - Keep them looking lovely with some easy maintenance.

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Design Flooring

Sarah Knox, Interior Designer from Eskay Design, outlines some important considerations when it comes to floor design.

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Trevors Carpets Osborne Park Showroom

Choosing Flooring That's Right for You

We speak to Trevor's own Matthew Walsh to find out the important things to take into account when preparing or choosing to buy flooring.

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Quality Design Takes The Floor

Creating a strong foundation is an important part of every home build. As WA’s largest supplier of carpets and other quality floor coverings, Trevors Carpets takes the floor when it comes to local expertise.

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Pet Friendly Flooring

Gone are the days where you are coming home to scratches on shiny floorboards or mysterious blobs on your carpet.

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