Design Flooring

Flooring can set the style of your home so it’s wise to take some time to design it and get it right.

Sarah Knox, Interior Designer from Eskay Design, outlines some important considerations when it comes to floor design.

• Who is going to live there – is it a rental, an investment, or the home owner?
• Does the surface need to be hardy – i.e. do you have a pet with sharp nails?
• Are there any people with allergies going to live there (carpet vs timber)?
• Aesthetics – what do you like? What type of furniture will be sitting on the flooring?
• Budget – always have a budget in mind prior to looking!

Sarah says that designing flooring is about making the floor suit the style that you want to achieve for your home.

“Beautiful floor design is based on having a flow through the whole home, from the moment you step through the front door, until you reach the alfresco,” says Sarah.

“Warm neutrals are the current go to including natural timber floors, especially oaks, as well as plush textured wool carpets.

“One of our favourite styles of flooring at the moment is timber in either natural or vinyl plank, laid in a herringbone pattern which creates a new dimension to the space and is a piece of art in itself. This style also works in both large and small spaces so don’t be afraid to try it.

“Dark stained oak floors are also another amazing look, and again don’t be put off having a dark floor in a smaller space as the final look of the space will come down to how you furnish it.”

Sarah says that she’s a massive timber fan, especially for coastal homes.

“If it fits into the budget, we’d opt for natural timber floors. As you can imagine if you are near the actual beach, sand will be an issue and scratching can occur, however natural timber can be re-sanded and repolished, and some people actually like the natural wear and tear on a natural product,” Sarah says.

“If the real timber is not in your budget and you don’t want the maintenance then Timber Vinyl Plank is a definite option – they come in a huge variety of colours and sizes and have minimal maintenance.

“Another amazing Trevors product is the Hybrid Flooring Timber range which is hard wearing, versatile and cost effective, making it suitable for most situations such as pets at home, kids at home and even investment properties. The range is also very vast with something to suit most colour palettes.”

For advice on floor design and the right product to meet the needs of the house, we suggest getting a professional consultation from an interior designer, or come and talk to us.

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