Maintenance for Timber Floors

Timber floors are the dream of many home builders and renovators – they look great, they feel good underfoot, are warm and inviting, great for those with allergies and they don’t show dirt and dust as easily as other hard floors. Of course, timber floors can scratch or stain, which can add to their character, but you can keep your timbers floors looking lovely with some easy maintenance.

Cleaning timber floors is as simple as a regularly vacuuming and sweeping with a soft-bristle broom to pick up dust and dirt. Excessive dust and dirt, and in particular sand, can cause scratching. You can use outdoor mats at entry points to help collect dirt from shoes before being carried inside. Indoor mats can also help and it’s recommended that you choose mats that don’t have rubber or plastic backings as those can discolour floors.

Avoid excessive water and liquids. Liquid and timber flooring are not best friends and too much moisture can cause floorboards to cup, swell or lift. For this reason, never use a steam mop on timber floors.

One of the best ways to clean timber floors is with a microfibre mop such as the Enjo floor mop which doesn’t require any chemicals. If you’re using a conventional mop, be sure to really wring it out well and if using detergent, check that it’s recommended for the finish of the timber. There’s no need for bleach, vinegar, or any other harsh cleaners, which can do more harm than good.

Naturally, if you spill something on a timber floor, be sure to soak it up straight away with a dry cloth or paper towel.

Harsh direct sunlight can cause damage to timber including surface cracking and direct sunlight can darken timber floors over time, so it’s a good idea to reconfigure furniture and the placement of rugs to prevent noticeable patches.

Another thing to avoid is dragging furniture or heavy objects across timber flooring. Use protective pads under all furniture and periodically replace the pads on beds and chairs. If dust particles or sand gets trapped under chairs, the timber floor can end up scratched.

With some easy regular maintenance, timber floors will continue to look great and last a lifetime.

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