Pet Friendly Flooring

We absolutely adore our furry friends but with great company, comes with great responsibility. We’re not talking superheros or politics; we’re talking about flooring. If pets have been part of your adult life, you’ll know that the way to living a care-free life is picking the right flooring that’s suitable for them.
So before picking out the flooring to your new home or undergoing renovations – here’s our recommendations for pet-friendly products. Gone are the days where you are coming home to scratches on shiny floorboards or mysterious blobs on your carpet.

Triexta Range

Made here in Australia (Geelong to be exact!) these carpets were made with your puppies and kitties in mind.

Stain Resistant
For those pets that are not the strongest in the potty-trained department these carpets don’t allow any pet mishaps from penetrating the fibre and creating any eye sores on your carpet.

Extra Durable
With the Triexta, their molecular fibres are made with extra durable string structure. Rough pet-play is no problem, and you can leave home stress-free without coming back to an absolute flooring disaster.

Easy to Clean
No need for harsh chemicals, all you need is some water and you’ve got fresh and clean flooring again. For more info visit, here.
It’s not just about you..
These carpets offer a little bonus for your furry friends too.
They include more individual filaments per fibre, so rest assured your pets are getting comfort and luxury all rolled into one with this soft pillowy carpeting.
At Trevor’s we’ve got 7 ranges of the Redbook Green Triexta available.
Find them, here.

Godfrey Hirst Range

If you are not after carpeting then repeat after us, hybrid vinyl is your next best friend. They’ve got similar benefits that’ll make your life with pets that much simpler. At Trevors we’ve got the Godfrey Hirst range available among others, you can browse our range here.

Top Layer Protection
These vinyl planks have got a top layer created for general wear and scratching. The extra layer of protection is a godsend for the furry friends with pesky trimmed paws and claws.

Quiet Flooring
Say goodbye to the loud pitter patters of your pet’s paws as they run across the hallway in the middle of the night. Hybrid flooring is designed for loud foot (paw-traffic!), so any sound is minimised with these under your feet.

Easy to Clean & Water Resistant
Got a pup that likes getting into trouble? Whether it’s mud from puddles of rain or just an old fashion dirt digging in the backyard, the mess is never fun to clean up. Life is a little bit easier with vinyl planks because they are water resistant and easy to clean.
For more info on care & maintenance visit here.

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