Trevors Carpets stock a huge rage of Karndean vinyl planks for both the home and office.

The range is available in loose lay, long board and in our exclusive Designer Collection.

Karndean planks are a popular choice for many buyers wanting to create a new look for their home or office space.

Karndean has risen in popularity over recent years due to its ability to mimic other flooring options such as timber and other hardwoods without the high price tag or inherent impracticalities.

For example, Karndean is very resilient with warranty guarantees starting at 12 years and extending up to 20 years. This largely comes down to the fact that Karndean has been engineered to be used as flooring, so it won’t warp, crack or distort as natural products do with time. The science and process behind Karndean makes it a reliable choice for every home and office. Even in high foot traffic areas, Karndean is a highly durable flooring option.

Furthermore, because Karndean is artificial it doesn’t put such a big burden on the environment. A hardwood timber floor requires trees that can be up to 200 years old to be completely chopped down. As a luxury vinyl product, Karndean doesn’t contribute to deforestation, as there is no actual timber used. Furthermore, the logistical and manufacturing processes have been designed to minimise environmental impact in terms of energy use and emissions.

Karndean planks also have a flexible design, meaning their layout can be tailored to whichever space needs flooring. Some buyers like to have a mix of shades or need sweeping curves – all of this is possible with Karndean planks.

Karndean can also be a better choice than natural hardwood floors in that it is significantly quicker and easier to install. For businesses and busy families, it’s very important that their work areas are not disturbed for longer than necessary.

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To view the entire range of Karndean Flooring, see their website here.